See the light

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카페 활성화에 도움되고자 로버트교수의 이디엄 나눔에 댓글을 가끔 달고있다. #현재2천명재학생 이 더 늘어나길 바란다.
빛을 보다란 뜻인 #SeeTheLight /시들라잇/은 #요한복음 #내가세상의빛이다는 구절에서 나와 깨닫다는 의미가 된듯하고, 글자그대로 빛을 보다는 뜻도 되는듯. #1964년비틀즈 No reply곡 가사에는 빛을 봤다고 쓰여있다.

Dear professor Bern

I think language carries two meanings many times.'See the light' can mean both facing a bright shining and realizing something important, right? And the 2nd meaning may come from the Bible John 8:12  while the 1st meaning is used in Beatles' No reply song in 1964. I hope my feeling and writing about this is appropriate.

◄ John 8:12 ►

New International Version
When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

200. 무응답 (No reply) - Beatles

This happened once before,
이런 일이 한 때 있었지.
When I came to your door,
내가 네 집 앞에 갔는데,
No reply.
They said it wasn't you,
사람들이 너 아니라 했지만, 
But I saw you peep through your window. 
네가 창문으로 살짝 엿보는 걸 봤어.
I saw the light, I saw the light.
난 빛을 봤어, 난 빛을 봤어.
I know that you saw me,
내 아는 건 너가 날 봤다는 거,
'Cause I looked up to see your face.
내가 네 얼굴을 올려다 봤으니깐.

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